FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 October 5, 2000




Solberg ready to run with new Canadian Alliance election platform


Medicine Hat Medicine Hat MP Monte Solberg, today joined Alliance Leader Stockwell Day in launching the Canadian Alliance election platform by saying, There is a growing feeling in this country that being good enough just isnt good enough any more.  Canada can do better in so many areas.


The people of the Medicine Hat riding are telling me that new times require new leadership, new leadership that respects all Canadians and reflects their values, said Solberg.   This plan reflects the values of a modern, vibrant Canada.


The Alliance platform will implement a Fair Tax Plan that will give the average family of four a $1,604 tax saving a year a 24% saving.  All Canadians will benefit from long-term tax relief as an Alliance government moves toward a single rate of tax for all taxpayers.


Canadas health system will be improved by enhancing the five principles of the Canada Health Act with a legislated guarantee of stable, long-term funding for the provinces.


The plan will set politician proof annual debt payments in law, and set this payment initially at $6-billion. It will also require that 75% of any unprojected surplus be devoted to debt repayments. 


Under a policy of keeping the best, fixing the rest, wasteful government spending will be cut in order to reallocate spending towards priorities such as tax relief, health care and debt repayments.


The platforms other main section outlines a plan to build safer, stronger communities.  It entails policies that will reform the justice system, institute democratic reforms, and ensure that all Canadians are treated equally regardless of race, sex, religion or ethnic origin.


We will take firm action on crime and return real justice to our justice system.  We will respect the will of Canadians and make government more accountable to the people. We will help make Canadas communities safer, healthier and more livable.


This new vision for the 21st century can be ours, if we want it, concluded Solberg. If you agree its a time for change, join with us to seek a newer and better Canada.


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