Monte Solberg, M.P.

Medicine Hat Riding Finance Critic
Official Opposition of Canada

For Immediate Release

January 24, 2000

Why I'm Supporting The United Alternative

by Monte Solberg, M.P.

BROOKS, ALBERTA -- As our United Alternative and Reform Assembly meetings approach, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why I'm supporting the United Alternative.

I'm a proud westerner, born and raised in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I'm also a very proud Canadian who wants to reform our country and reform our federation. I believe the two are not mutually exclusive. Since 1993, I've been honoured to represent the Medicine Hat riding as their elected Member of Parliament and most recently to serve as Finance Critic for the Official Opposition.

I became active in politics for two reasons -- because I passionately believed in the policies of the Reform Party and, equally important, because I wanted to make those policies a reality by electing a government to implement them. I believe the United Alternative is the best vehicle available today to make this happen.

I think if you truly believe in reforming the federation and reforming Ottawa, then you ought to be prepared to reform your own political entity to make that happen, as long as you stay true to your core principles and beliefs. That's what the United Alternative represents to me. I was actively involved in preparing the United Alternative's Declaration of Policy and I know how true it is to Reform's key principles.

This past week, the current Liberal government demonstrated just how unfit they are to govern. The NHL fiasco showed us how out of touch they are with the values and priorities of Canadians at a time when farmers are struggling and our healthcare system is in need of attention. It showed how captured they are by special interests, backroom deals and pork-barrelling. Their "loss" of a billion dollars in grant money from the Human Resources Department demonstrated their total incompetence as managers of the public purse.

Canadians from all parts of the country are ready to make a political change, yet they need something to change to. Rightly or wrongly, Reform is not an acceptable option to these people, even though they may support many of our policies. The United Alternative gives them that choice.

To me, this debate should not be about personalities. It's not about what you're against. It's about what you are for. It's about principles and policies and electing a government that will make them happen.

The United Alternative allows us to open our tent to others who share these same beliefs. It allows us to make a political home that they too would feel comfortable joining. I'm not afraid of that. I welcome it. It's our opportunity to make history. If we're prepared to take it.



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