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Welcome to our press room where you have immediate access to the issues that concern you and your family. Please feel free to contact me with any issues that you would like to discuss.
Hot Off The Press - 2003

Solberg Lobbies Americans to Open Border for Live Cattle

Solberg Fights For Cattle Industry in House of Commons
Paul Martin aide in closed-door OSFI meeting - Sept 23, 2003
Solberg Calls for Audit of Martin's 30-30 Pension Plan

Paul Martins 30-30 Pension Plan - September 17, 2003

Tax Freedom Day moved back Two More Days - June 27, 2003
Canadians Are Loosing Their Jobs - June 25, 2003
Cattle & Hate - June 6, 2003
Secret Deals - June 4, 2003
Monte in Parliament on BSE - June 3, 2003
Spare No Effort to Stop BSE says Solberg - May 21, 2003
Solberg Slams Corporate Welfare - May 14, 2003
Solberg Joining Samaritans Purse in upcoming visit to Vietnam - May 13, 2003
Solberg Prepares for Canadian Alliance Nomination - May 8, 2003
The Story of the Liberal Gilligans Island - May 1, 2003
Canadian Human Rights Act dealing with pre-employment testing for drugs and alcohol
National Gun Registry Hits $1 Billion
Monte Returns From Bosnia
Monte Selected HRDC Vice-Chair
Farmers Sent To Jail
Raising the Age of Consent
HRDC Mismanages Social Insurance Number System
Misguided Priorities in Government Agenda Highlighted
Making Post Secondary Education More Affordable
Monte trains With The First Battalion, Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry
Monte Solberg Tables Local Petition Against Child Pornography
Endangered Species Legislation
Monte Tables Motion on Canada U.S. Security Perimeter
Monte Meets with US Congressmen
Monte Defends Sugar Beet Producers - October 18, 2001
Solberg Tables Motion on Canada U.S. Security Perimeter
PM Hints at National Energy Program August 24, 2001
Tax Relief For Farmers - July 12, 2001
Monte to Attend Mount Tremblant Meetings - July 13, 2001
Letter to Medicine Hat Constituents
Why Mount Tremblant Makes Sense
Solberg States Position on MP Compensation - June 6, 2001
Solberg Fights Against Foot & Mouth Disease - March 29
Solberg Praises Brooks Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Alliance Platform Launch - October 5, 2000
Single Rate Tax Plan - January 27, 2000
Why am I supporting the UA - January 24, 2000

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