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Welcome to our website for the residents of the Medicine Hat Constituency.

As your Member of Parliament I am committed to keeping you informed of the issues most important to you and your family.

I hope you enjoy our site and feel free to contact me at anytime by clicking on the contact Link for a message form and access to my phone numbers in Ottawa and in the Riding.

Monte on The Issues:

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The Urge To Merge Behind The Bars of Canada's Prisons
Alliance Team Meets With Japanese Ambassador Hogen Canadian Alliance Agriculture Website
Solberg Lobbies Americans to Open Border for Live Cattle The Waste Report
Solberg Fights For Cattle Industry in House of Commons Canadian Alliance Online
Solberg Calls for Audit of Martin's 30-30 Pension Plan Click here For More Links
Paul Martins 30-30 Pension Plan - September 17, 2003

The Canadian Alliance Endorses for Online Casinos in Canada

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United We Stand
Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper and
Tory leader Peter MacKay signed an agreement in principle to create a new political party, the Conservative Party of Canada. The agreement fulfills a dream that has animated many conservatives for more than 35 years.

United We Stand - Stephen Harper
The Urge To Merge - Monte Solberg

Solberg Lobbies Americans to Open Border for Live Cattle
Three Members from the Canadian Alliance, Monte Solberg, Finance Critic, Rick Casson, International Trade Critic, and Gerry Ritz, Agriculture and Agri-Food Critic, met with the United States Ambassador Paul Cellucci today. The agenda of the meeting included trade issues, relationship building, but more importantly the BSE issue was discussed in depth.

Click here for more information about the US Ambassador meeting
Information about fighting for the cattle industry in the House of Commons

Alliance Team Meets With Japanese Ambassador Hogen

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